Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The I woke up the the sun trickling through the cracks of the curtains. I rolled over to see Sidney still sound asleep. Gently, I slipped out of bed, putting on my undies and his shirt from the floor. Sneaking out of the bedroom, I made my way to the kitchen. Sidney's house was like a castle to me. It was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. It was only eight, but I couldn't sleep any longer, so I decided to cook breakfast. Eggs, beacon, french toast, and shredded hash browns.

As I pour orange juice into a glass, Sid walked in sporting a huge grin. "What's this, Rain?"

Tip toeing over, I wrapped my arms around his neck, "Breakfast, duh" I kissed him and felt him smiling through it. "Hope you like a little bit of everything."

"I couldn't turn it down!" I grabbed his plate waiting for him and sat down at the island. "What time do you have to be at work?"

I looked back at the clock and it was only 8:30. "Ten, so I will finish up pretty early, like three or so."

"Well, you better go get ready." He kissed my lips and I went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for work.


Before I knew it, Thanksgiving was in two days. Sidney didn't mention having dinner with anyone, so I avoided the subject, even though it was pecking at my brain every time I saw him. My salon stays closed for the day before and black Friday, so I had some extra time. I was also taking off that weekend, just to give myself a break before the real holiday madness started.  Since Sidney and Taylor were both in the US, his family just celebrated the American holiday since they got the time off.

The lockout was still holding strong, Sidney was frustrated, but did a good job keeping it under control. I was happy he would at least get more time with his family, which means the world to him. I didn't want him to ruin his family holiday with having me back in the picture, not knowing what his family knows, and doesn't.

I was spending so much time at his place, I forgot what my own place looked like at times. I decided to stay home the last couple nights, just to make myself avoid the Thanksgiving talk I wanted to have. He didn't have to bring me, I just wanted him to show that he cares enough to let me know of his plans. It was really irritating.

My feet were up on the couch, my hair in a messy bun, and barely any makeup on. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. I rolled off the couch and peeked through the hole to see Sid with his hat pulled down low. "What are you doing here," I asked, confused. "Thought you had a meeting."

"I did, but I missed you so I stopped by," he said kissing me and coming inside. "Hope I'm not being rude or catching you off guard."

Just smiling, I shook my head. "You're goofy. You can always come here, like I always come to your place." I plopped back onto the couch and Sidney sat at the other end, picking up my legs, and laying them over his. "Ohhh, do I get a foot rub," I asked, wiggling my eye brows.

"Only because I think you're absolutely beautiful, yes."

Then I remembered what a mess I was. "Ugh! Sid, I'm super ugly right now," I pouted.

He just smiled and shook his head. "Never, babe."

We sat, watching the tv together in silence. I felt the words coming out of my mouth, without being controlled.

"Soooo, any plans this weekend?" Yup, leave it to me to just blurt that out.

"Nope." He just kept staring at the tv. I just felt myself getting angry. If looks could kill, I'm sure Sidney would of died a horrible death. He looked over at me, and laughed. "I've been waiting all week for my family to get back to me. We weren't sure who's house was having the dinner this year. Since I just found out today, it will just be at my house, I came over to ask if you want to join me since I know you have the time off." Being super embarrassed, I just laughed at myself. "Welllll?" he asked leaning closer to me.

"Of course, I will," I kissed his big lips and pushed him away. "Never wait that long ever again!" I said slapping his arm.

"Ha ha, sorry, babe. It was cute."

Sidney and I boarded the plane Wednesday afternoon and headed to Nova Scotia. I had to find a crafty was to avoid my family without telling them about Sidney. I figured I would rather wait till this little trip to see how things could work out. He told his family he was bringing his new girlfriend and they were very welcoming. I was just hoping they wouldn't treat me differently after things happened. The whole flight, I was sweated bullets and felt my stomach cramping up. Sidney was sleeping about 30 minutes after we took off, so he was no comfort.

We landed and had a rental waiting for us. I saw Sid looking at me out of the corner of my eye. "You okay, babe?" he asked grabbing my hand from my lap.

"Yeah, just nervous. I feel like they're gonna hate me or something."

He just laughed, "Raina, they all are good hearted people. You have nothing to worry about. I assure you that." Bring my hand to his lips, he kissed it softly.

We pulled up to his childhood home and he just grinned at me.  "Do I gotta hold you hand the whole way there?"

Giving him the sink eye, I said, "Of course!"

"Good, because I wanted to," he winked, stealing a quick kiss.  We stepped out into the damp weather.  It just rained, the leaves were all over the road, and the place was lit with soft lights.  Sid rang the door bell and put his arm around my waist.

"I got it!" I heard a voice call, that sounded like his mom's.  She opened the door with a huge smile.  "Oh, my!  Raina!" she exclaimed, hugging me tightly.  "Troy!  Look how Sid brought home!  Raina!"

"Don't tell me look if you're going to spoil the surprise!" he yelled back.

Taylor ran the door with a huge smile, "Raina?!  Sid!"  she gave both of us a hug.  She grew so much in just a few years.  "Are you the girlfriend?"

"I sure hope so!" I laughed.

"She so so nervous to come," Sid teased, as we entered the house.

Trina took our bags and hugged us both.  "Now, dear, never feel like that.  You are a sweet heart.  Some times are better the second time around!"

"Hey, son," said Troy, embracing him in a hug.  "Good to see both of you," he smiled, giving myself another sigh of relief.  "How was the flight?"

"Not too bad," Sid said, as we took off our shoes.

"Coming from the guy who slept the whole time,"rolling my eyes, his family laughed.

"That's Sid, for ya!" said Trina, laughing.  "Well, come in the living room, relax!  I made an apple pie this afternoon just for us after dinner tonight.  It should be ready shortly.  Raina, would you like to come help?"

I glanced to Sid, who just had a smile, and nodded his head towards the kitchen.  "Of course," I said nervously, following her.

"Be easy on her mom!" he called from the living room.

Taylor followed us and sat at the table.  "So, I'm surprised to see you," pulling out biscuits from the oven, Trina placed them on top of the stove.  "But, I am very happy.  You were a very good girl for Sidney."

"Thank you, Trina," blushing, I grabbed some plates to set around the table.

"What have you been up to over the years, I must ask."

"Well, I got my cosmetology license and I work around the city for a great shop doing makeup and hair, frequently for commercials and magazines.  That's actually how I ran into Sidney.  So, I guess it has worked out for the best."

"Thank god, because Emily was super clingy and annoying," Taylor said, rolling her eyes, making me laugh.

"Taylor, don't talk badly about people," Trina scolded.

"But, mom, she pretty much worshiped the ground Sid walked on.  He's not that great."

I just couldn't hold back my laugh.  "Well, I'm just happy how things have worked out.  It's awesome to get to be around you guys once again."  I helped bring food to the table for Trina.  "So, Taylor you have anyone special?" I asked, lifting my eyebrows.

"Nope," she said while her mom was turned around, but nodding her head up and down.

"You can tell me later," I whispered.

Around the table we told our story of how we met once again, what we all did the last few years, and ate the delicious apple pie.  We all helped clean up and headed to the living room to watch some TV.  Sid and Taylor compared their lives in Minnesota, while Trina was asking me what all I did and how hard it was.  Troy would pop in and out of conversation before disappearing to bed while Trina followed.

"I'm gonna go shower and get ready for bed, babe," Sid said, kissing my forehead and walking towards the bathroom.

I looked over at Taylor with a smile, "So, tell me about this interest!"

Her face lit up, which was adorable.  "His name is Mike.  He's super awesome and plays hockey, too, at my school.  We are two years apart, which is why I really don't wanna say anything to mom yet."

"Understandable!  She seemed real understanding though.  Common, her kids left home so young.  I think she knows you guys are far beyond your years," I laughed.  "You two are good kids."

"Thanks, Raina.  I'm happy you are back.  I think you leaving really made Sidney realize there's more to life than hockey.  Yeah, that's his life, but he needs more than just us to lean on while he's back in Pittsburgh.  He was really bummed out when you left."

I just bit my lip, "We both needed some growing up to do, but I'm happy we are both here now.  He really makes me happy.  And he has the coolest family."  We both smiled and I got up and hugged her.

"It's nice having another girl around here I can trust.  See you in the morning, Raina."  We both made our way to the bedroom and I got undressed while Sid was finishing up in the bathroom.

He walked in, wearing just his boxers and flexing his muscles.  "You are such a dork," I laughed, pulling him on the bed and kissing him.  "Thanks for bringing me babe.  I needed this."

"Me too.  I'm happy you joined me, even though I took forever to ask," he chuckled, turning off the lamp next to him and wrapping his arm around my waist.  "Good night, Raina."

"Night, Sid."

Monday, February 3, 2014


The day was rainy and cold. I loved it. The weather was perfect around this time of year.

I sat in the parking lot waiting for Sidney. He told me he was close by. I was happy to get a little break and sit down to eat. Sidney's Rover pull up beside me and I just grinned at him as he glanced over with his silly smile, wearing a beanie. I stepped out and followed him into the restaurant. He grabbed my hand and told me, "You're beautiful."

I let out a laugh, "Thanks, but I look like a bum!"

"Never!" he planted a kiss on my lips before walking inside.

Of course he turned heads in the place. "Two?" the hostess asked, while grabbing menus.

"Yeah, can I be sat in a corner?" he asked, trying to avoid all of the people. Luckily it was still early, so it wasn't packed yet, until more people on lunch started to come in.

"Of course."

We were led to the table and Sidney pulled out my chair for me. "Don't try to impress all these people!" I joked as he sat down.

"I'm a gentleman!" He truly was. I couldn't deny it. We placed our order and he gave me a serious look, turning the mood. "Uhm, I broke things off with Emily."

I shot him a surprised look. "But... why?"

"You. I feel for you too much to stay with her and try to make things work with both of you. You make me feel so different. I can't be put on a peddle stool when I can't always be there for someone. I have a busy life and I need someone who understands that. She relied on me, and I hate that. I love your independence."

I knew I had a stupid smile on my face. I felt bad for the girl, but you can't change someone's mind and we are fighting for the same man. This time, I'm a different person and have to show Sid that. "I'm sorry, I'm sure it was hard for you, being the person you are. In reality though," I looked up from my drink and grinned, "I couldn't be happier to be the only girl... that I know of!"

"You are, Raina." He held my hand and gave it a light kiss. "So, you want to come to the team Halloween party at Mario's this weekend?" Halloween was next Wednesday.

"Sure! Just let me know what time. Can we match?!"

"Whatever you want!" he laughed. Our food was brought to the table and we talked about my morning at work. I couldn't wait to get home and just relax. "Want to come over tonight? You can stay and bring whatever you need for work in the morning. I want to spend more time you you."

"Yeah, I'll be there," I spoke without thinking. I wasn't going to talk myself out of it though. All I wanted was to be with him even more after knowing things were picking up again. He paid the bill and we walked the car. It was still sprinkling a bit.

"Text me after you get home and ready to come over."

"Okay," I gave him a kiss and went off to finish my day of work. I just wanted it to be over!

"So, Raina," Gina, a girl I worked with at the salon, "you had a lunch date?"

"I might have," I blushed.

"With who! I've been trying to ask you out for the last six months and you keep shooting me down!" Petty, the only man we had in the salon that wasn't gay.

"Until you stop asking all of us," I said pointing my finger around the salon, "it will never happen."

He sighed and sat down. "Seriously, it was a date?"

"Yeah, you weirdos! Am I not pretty enough for a date?!" I laughed.

"Don't take it like that, we just know you had it rough in the past, so it's surprising but good!" a girl Caitlin said patting my back.

"Well, sometimes your past can make up for what they did."

You did not go back to that scum bag!" Pet said appalled.

"Not the one you're thinking of. Sidney... Crosby."

"Kay, now you're lying," Caitlin laughed.

"I dated him before I ever got into beauty school. We had a rough patch because I wasn't over Justin. It was hard. We met at the RootSports photo shoot by surprise. We have been spending time together lately and I'm very hopeful that this time we both have our heads on straight."

"I wont believe it till he brings your Starbucks or something!"

Gina said half joking.

Shrugging my shoulders I said, "If that's all it takes!" We all laughed and carried about our day. Them asking questions on and off about him. I knew they thought I was joking, but I was okay with that. These people were family to me, and they would get to see that side of my life sooner or later.

My day went quickly and I was headed home to pack an over night bag for Sid's. I looked through my underwear draw and picked out a matching pair of bra and underwear. I put it on underneath my outfit.

It was about nine o'clock and I would normally be tired, but all the butterflies I had was keeping me awake. I walked up the the door and Sidney must of been waiting for me. "Nice to see you, beautiful," he said kissing my cheek and grabbing my bags for me. "How was the rest of your day?"

"Slowwww." He sat my bag down by the steps heading upstairs and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I just wanted to see you," grinning at him, I leaned in for a deep kiss. His hands around my waist, quickly found my butt and gave it a squeeze. I just was really feeling hot for him. Everything about his body and personality turned me on. I broke away and looked in his eyes. I gave him a smirk and grabbed my bag and headed to his bed room.

"But, babe!" he said stopping me. "Did you eat dinner?"

I couldn't help but laugh. "I did, Sid. I grabbed food on the way home, so we wouldn't have to waste any time." I gave him a wink and hoped he'd follow. He ran up behind me, picked me up, and carried me to the bedroom. I couldn't help laughing and he laid me down on the bed, putting my bag on the floor. He ran down stairs and locked the doors and came up with two bottles of water for us. Shutting the door behind him, he crawled over top of me and crashed his lips onto mine.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Sid's POV

The next day I was going to the rink with the team for some practice. Raina was working for the day and I shot her a good morning text without a reply yet. I figured she was busy. I ran into Marc on my way through the parking lot. "What's up dude?" I gave him a friendly hand shake.

He grinned, "How was the weekend?"

"Who told you?" Marc gave me the who know who look. "Vero."

"Yup, Raina called her last night. She sounded really excited."

I just grinned and headed into the locker room. There were a few people watching practice in the stands. I looked up and found Emily on a bleacher. I felt my heart drop in my stomach. I had to find a way to make this situation right. I trying my best to ignore even seeing her. I was playing sloppy. Fans were enjoying my moves, but I knew they weren't on point and so did the guys.

I skated off of the ice and threw my stick down after I got passed the doors and away from everyone. I just wish we could of made things right the first time, Riana and I. I sighed and sat on the bench. There were a few teammates and staff walking around but didn't bother to ask what was wrong. I took off my gear and jumped on a bike. I didn't want eyes on me, especially Emily's.

I wasn't sure how much time passed while I was working out, but I noticed the sound of the guys die down. I headed back into the locker room and it was cleared out. I took a shower and walked out to my car. I checked my phone and found a text from Raina.

Morning! Well afternoon lol. I'm so busy today. How are you?

I felt a smile on my face. Having a rough day. I'm not to busy tomorrow, want to grab lunch on your break?

I put my phone in my pocket and walked to my car. I waited long enough to escape fans. There are just some days I don't want to be a public figure. As I almost make to my car, I hear my name called. I took a deep breath and looked over, noticing the voice.

"Sidney! Sid," Emily rushed over, wrapping her arms around me.

I wrapped one arm around her, patting her back. "Were you here the whole time?" I asked pretending I didn't notice she was there the whole practice.

She pulled away with a smile, "Yeah, I guess you didn't see me out there. I waited a while for you to come out. I even beat the fans!" she giggled.

"Yeah," I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck. "So, what's going on?"

"I just wanted to come out and support you. I thought about asking if you want to come over for dinner after you get home and relax a bit."

I looked at the ground and gave it a thought, feeling my phone buzz in my pocket. I knew it was Raina. The girl that left me so long ago. I looked at Emily and gave her a smile. "Just come to my place around four and you can cook there." I needed to give both girls a chance.

"Okay!" she gave me a kiss and winked, "I'll see you in a bit."

I was texting Raina here and there. We decided on lunch tomorrow since all she had was a photo shoot in the morning and nothing else till the afternoon for a home visit with a client. Her salon preformed to go services. She really transformed from what seemed like a dead end job to a wonderful, career driven woman. That's what was making me see the changes, but I couldn't rely on that. I needed more time to see where my heart was.

Emily came to my house a little after four and kissed my cheek as she walked inside. "How are ya?" she asked bubbly, walking straight to the kitchen with a few bags from the store.

"I have everything planned out. You can help if you want," she said grabbing pots and pans out of my cabinets. I helped cut up chicken and make pasta. I wasn't much of a cook, but I did what I could. She had me set the table while she finished the rest. There was something about Emily that wasn't making me excited. She was predictable and clingy. Although, she was sweet and kind. She treated me well, which I was thankful for. I just wondered if she was like this because she cared for me or because I was a super star athlete. Maybe it was both. Raina didn't seem to mind that at all. When she met me, she knew a great deal of hockey, but seemed occupied with her own life and that was attractive. I had to tell my story and she wouldn't read a book about me before a date to know what foods or tv shows I liked. It was like I was working for her, instead of her working for my attention.

Emily walked into the room, interrupting my thoughts. "Ready?" she asked bring out the food.

"Bring it on!" I laughed sitting down in front of my plate. Emily talked about her job and all the drama. She worked at bank in Pittsburgh and always had a story about a rude customer or some girl she worked with. I just would take it all in and nod.

"Sid," she said drawing my attention to her face. "What makes you want Raina back?"

My heart felt into my stomach, again. This was happening too often lately. "I just..." trying to get my words to come out right, I just felt like I was stumbling. "She just... makes me feel different. Emily, this is wonderful and all, but you can't force something that isn't there. I haven't found a girl that makes me feel like I have to work for something. Raina does that. She makes me reach for more. It's like I'm not just an athlete; I'm a real person to her."

"I don't make you any type of way?" I felt her search for an answer in my eyes and looked disappointed when nothing came out right away.

"It's not that I don't feel any type of way with you. It's just it's not what I'm looking for. I love everything you do for me, but I'm pampered. You deserve a man who is going to treat you the same, if not better, than you treat them." I saw her eyes fill up with tears. I got up and moved next to her. I handed her a napkin. "I can't wipe your tears anymore, Em. We have to move on and stop trying to make this work if you're getting this upset."

"I never gave up on you, Sidney! She did!"

"Raina never gave up. I pushed her away with my attitude. I fucked up and I feel awful for that. I have to make it up to her."

"Maybe she doesn't want a guy to give her everything! She doesn't do anything for you."

I felt myself angry. "Emily, she makes me happy. She always has. Sometimes your just drawn to someone and you can't explain why." She didn't bother to hold tears back. Her make up was starting to dip down her face. "I'll clean up. You can go home. I'm sorry, Em. I was trying. I really was."

"No hard feelings." She grabbed her purse and walked to the door. I followed to shut the door behind her. She turned around and pressed her lips against mine. "Bye, Sidney."

With that she walked outside. I felt the cold air swoop inside of my house. I shut the door and ran my fingers through my hair. "Fuck!"

The next day I felt like shit. I drank a few beers and passed out on the couch. It was almost ten and I made plans to see Raina for lunch. Quickly getting ready, I thought about last night and wondered if what I did was right. In my heart it felt like it was, but my mind was just wondering. Raina texted me, I'll meet you at Applebee's in Robinson at 11:30. I couldn't wait.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


We arrived at our next stop, Phipps Conservatory. I didn't expect Sidney to take me to see flowers, but hey, I was down for it! We agreed to check out the shop before we left. I'm sure I could find a cute gnome I would HAVE to have to set in my little tiny "back yard". We walked through the palm court and saw a horse shaped shrub. It was really making me feel pathetic about my yard.

"Which way first?" he said looking left and right, back and forth.

"Rock, papers, scissor? I say left!"

"Deal! Rock, paper, scissor, SHOOT!"

"Paper beats rock!" I yelled, bouncing.

"Best two out of three!" he called as I started heading towards the winning destination.

"Nice try, Crosby!" I walked into the sunken garden and was a little disappointed I picked such a lame room.

"Yeah, lets go left, Sid. It's soooo cool," he mocked me.

I waved him off and looked around, "There's a cool colorful snake!"

"Where!" freaking out, Sidney was looking all over the ground.

"Right there, you dork!" I laughed, pointing to the decoration. "What a scaredy cat!" He rolled his eyes as we made it into the next room. "Lets go into the most boring ones first. I'm sure it gets better!" I said being optimistic. We walked around the Victoria Room and noticed the interesting fountain, where we could control the jets and lights.

"Okay, I'll admit, it's getting cooler!" he laughed. We headed near Broderie Room, where most weddings were held. "This would be annoying to walk through for a wedding. Were does everyone sit! The bride would get lost making it to the alter!" Sid said looking around, trying to find the end of it.

I just chuckled and agreed, "Well, be sure to not pick this out for a venue, dear." Outside was an aquatic garden. For being fall, it was still very pretty. It was getting cooler outside as the day drug on. We made it to the East room with a beautiful waterfall. There was something about those that made me feel so peaceful. "When I have like a million dollars one day, I'll have my own waterfall," I joked, but with a completely serious face.

"I wonder why I haven't thought of getting one myself!" Sid said, really considering it. I just glared at him, knowing it would be nothing to him to get a whole scene of nature in his yard.

We made it through the whole place, enjoying the beautiful things nature could create. My favorite was the Tropical room with the cool, goofy statue, made out of weird flowers or a tree, that looks like a Wild Thing. Sidney and I bought a few things from the gift shop before heading out. We decided it was time to get some food since our stomachs were growling at this point.

We headed into South Side and walked down the street to find the prefect place. "I don't think I want fancy," I wrinkled my nose, passing Nakama.

"Where ever your little tummy pleases," he said with his arm around my shoulder and patting my stomach, making me giggle.

We decided on a small pizza shop, Gennaro's. We were served quickly and we finished off a whole pizza together. I guess that's what happens when you wait all day to eat again, minus a small sandwich we grabbed before we left the zoo. "Well, I'm ready to sleep till next week," I laughed.

"One last surprise," grinning, Sid sipped on his water. "Ready?" I sighed and nodded. "You don't wanna go? You wanna go home?" he asked, looking defeated.

"No, sweetheart!" I said getting up, "I'm just worried you might have to roll me to our next destination."

He had a sigh of relief, "Good, you'll love this," he said kissing me. We drove down to the incline and I knew his plan exactly. I just felt butterflies all over. This was just a perfect ending to our night. We rode to the top of Mount Washington, enjoying the final bit of Sunlight. He held me close as we sat on the cold ground. Everything today was just so wonderful. I felt so peaceful and nothing was holding me back. I really let go of every fear I had and was ready to love Sidney with my whole heart, without second guessing.

We turned to one another, as if we both knew what each other was thinking, and closed the gap between us, our lips pressing together. His tongue gliding across my bottom lip, wanting to tangle with tongue. I knocked off his hat, holding it with one hand, while I grabbed his curls with the other. His hands roaming my lower body, I could feel things heating up. It would be the perfect ending to our night, but I needed to set a line for us starting out again. I pulled away smiling and gave him one last, small kiss.

"Let's get going, Mister."

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The whole night I cleaned my apartment. I had my own weekly routine. I normally cleaned Saturday night but Sidney kind of pushed plans aside. I really didnt mind though. My mind wondered about Em and if it was something to really worry about. I brushed my thoughts aside and headed to bed. I needed to worry about getting enough rest for my day off with Sid.

I woke up the next day full of energy and a text from Sid saying to be at his house around 8:30 and to not worry about eating. I was very excited to head out and see the city. Maybe Sidney and I knew of places that each other didn't know about. I took a shower and put some makeup on. I curled my hair loosely and picked out a comfortable outfit.

I was meeting Sidney at his house. The drive was giving me gitters. I pulled into the drive way and parked. Making sure my appearance was perfect, I got out and walked to Sid's door. I knocked and stepped back a bit. "Good morning!" he smiled. "Lets get going."

He opened my door like a gentleman. We headed towards the city. It was my favorite feeling. "I love car rides. I'm like a dog," I laughed.

Sid grinned, "you're a goof ball. How is Millie by the way?" Referring to my dog.

I sighed, "She was put to sleep last year. She was very sick. I miss her like crazy but I'm too busy."

"Understandable. I wanted to bring my pooch home, but I've been so back and forth, it's best he's home with my parents."

I wanted to get this Em thing off of my chest before our day started. I knew it would bother me. "Sid," I said looking out of the window, gaining courage.


"Who's Em? The one you were on the phone with yesterday. I could over hear you."

He took in a deep breath. I knew it was going to be a long explanation. "Emily is a girl I've been seeing on and off for the last few months. We're not serious. She wants us to be, but I was never ready for that. I guess I just had a feeling something was going to happen soon." I looked over at him and saw his lips thinned out, thinking of the right way to put this. "She did stop by last night. I told her I saw you. I didn't say everything that happened, but I wanted both of you to know before you found out the wrong way. I'm not about hiding things."

His hand was resting on console, while driving with the left. I slipped my fingers between his. "I understand. Thanks for telling me."

He glanced over and smiled, "I planned on telling you today. I just didn't know when would be right." We hit a red light and he leaned over to kiss me. I could just feel how happy we both were together. It was a wonderful feeling. "We're almost to breakfast!" he said pulling away and getting ready for the light to change.

"Where are we going?" I loved breakfast time.

"Dorstop," he grinned.

"You the fucking best!" The little restaurant was my favorite. We ordered their famous pancakes and ham. We couldn't wait to get going and enjoy our day. "I hope you planned out everything, knowing everything will take at least an extra hour to get through," I said as we left the diner, after a few people got a picture with Sidney.

"Don't worry, Raina. I got this!" he said putting his arm around my waist, walking to the car. "So, do you like animals?" he asked getting into his car.

"Shut the hark up! You are not really taking me to the zoo, are you?!" I said excitedly. He just nodded. "Eeeeee!" I squeezed. "I can't freaking wait!"

The drive way pretty short and we got there right after the opened up. Not too many people were there for it being a school day and first thing in the morning. "I rented the place out for us," he winked.

"Shut up," I back handed him in the hard stomach.

"Hey! Don't do that after I ate a huge meal," he laughed. We took the long escalator up the hill. Once we got to the top we practically were running to the first animal. We saw many big cats and the Komodo Dragon. "I wanna see the polar bears!" Sid huffed.

I gave him this strange look and laughed. "We will get there, sweet heart," I said patting his back. We weren't stopped by too many people on the way through. Finally, we made it into the PPG Aquarium. I loved the penguins, obviously. "Sid! They're so freaking cute!" I said taking about 50 pictures of them.

"You guys want to pet them?" a worker asked behind us.

My eyes were huge and Sidney answered for me, "Of course!" We followed them and was brought a little waddling penguin over to us. "We should have never brought her in here. She might try to take this one home!" Sid laughed taking a video of me and the penguin.

"I have my own penguin, thanks!" I smiled. After loving the penguin, we made our way to the polar bear, but not without making Sidney try to climb through the stingray tunnel. He wasn't going for it. "Here you go, you big baby!" I said leading him to the polar bears.

He just laughed and grabbed my hand. "They're so awesome, Rain! I love them." We went into the underwater tunnel and just our luck, the big guy went for a swim. We continued with the tour and made it out around one. Sidney of course bought me presents before we left; a little polar bear and a huge penguin.

"Now where?!" I asked skipping the car with my new stuffed animals.

"Well, have you ever been to Phipps Conservatory?"

"Nope, don't that I know of."

He smiled and opened my door, "Good, that's our next stop."

Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey, everyone! Just wanted to give a shout out to mrsjordanstaal11. Both of us have been writing stories again and trying to get back into the grove. Check out her stuff and give feed back to both of us. It's very important. Hope you guys are enjoying the story.

*Sid's POV*

I woke up to my phone buzzing. I hurried to leave the room so I didn't wake up Raina. "Hello?"

"Hey, Sid!" Emily spoke from the other line. "Just wondered when I could stop by today to get my charger."

Peeking out the kitchen to make sure Raina was still sleeping, I sighed, "I don't know. Not today. I told you yesterday I could drop it off to you."

"Why have you been funny lately? I kinda wanted to see you."

My stomach was flip flopping. The girl who walked out of my life was only so many feet away in another room and the other who I've been seeing on and off for the last four months on the phone. Emily treated me good, but I couldn't make a commitment to her. "Listen, Em, I'm sorry but today isn't good. I have a headache. Maybe tomorrow or something."

"Whatever, Sid."

"Don't get mad."

"I'm not. I'll be there tomorrow morning."

"Okay, I'll see you then." I barely got my words out before she hung up. I let out a huff and headed to the bathroom. I walked back into the living room and found Riana stretching. Even though her hair was a mess and had no makeup, I found her beautiful. Pretty sure there's a rap song about a girl with her hair up, without makeup on chilling. It fit her right now.

After she left the house I just flopped on the couch. I felt so lazy with the lockout. Lazy and confused at this point. Why couldn't women be simple?! I let out an angry groan and threw a pillow to the other couch.

Figuring I would just lay here all day and not do shit, I decided to give Marc a call and see if he wanted to hit the gym in my basement. He agreed and arrived shortly after.

"Did Vero know she was coming back?" I asked jogging with Marc next to me.

"Nope. I meant she knew she was in the area lately, but didn't know she was so close. They really haven't talked in the last six months."

"Damn," I sighed and slowed down a bit. "Is it bad I kind of forgot about Emily?"

Marc grinned, "Nope. It's because she's just there to occupy you. I mean you care about her, I can see that, but she's not for you. Don't let her go just yet though. Raina could fall off the face of the Earth." I just nodded. "You need to at least tell both women about each other. I think if Raina finds out first, that would be bad! Emily would be pissed, but not do too much. Just because she's not as close with all of us. She's still feeling things out."

"True, and I don't want things ruined for good if Raina and I can't work things out. I think everyone would go back and try to make things right with their loved one if given the chance."

"Take this chance, dude. You never know if you'll get another one."

He was right. This was my only chance to make shit work.

I called Emily to have her come over that night. I knew we needed to talk and let her in on what was going on. By her voice, she knew something wasn't right.

She came inside the house with a plate of brownies. "I brought your weakness," she grinned, kissing my cheek.

I smirked and set them down. Brownies without hockey games wasn't really what I needed. "Thanks, Em." She followed me into the kitchen and set down at the island as I stood on the other side. "So, what'd you do today," I asked, trying to avoid this much needed talk.

"Baked those for you, cleaned the house, helped Missy shop; not too much. You?" Emily was looking for answers with her eyes without saying much from her mouth. She was a beautiful girl and wonderful. So, it was making this much harder.

"Well, actually," I took a deep breath, "I hung out with a really good friend of mine. We had breakfast and all that."

"Oh yeah? Who's that?" she asked playing with her hair, something I noticed Raina do herself when she was nervous.

She knew of Raina and I knew if I said her name it would kill her. "Just an old friend from way back." Fuck, why did I have to be THAT guy.

"Oh, I see." She stood up and put her arms around my neck. "Let's watch a movie," she grinned.

I let out a chuckle, "Maybe you should just get your charger. I made plans to go out tomorrow and I wanna be well rested."

Emily cocked her head, dropping her arms. "You don't take me out much anymore. Why's that?"

"We just take things slow."

"Real slow," she said turning away and grabbing her purse. I just need to be up front.

"Emily," I grabbed her hand and turned her to face me. "Raina came back and I wanted to catch up." I could tell it hit her hard and I felt awful. "Don't be upset. I just want to see how she's been. We came a long way and if wouldn't feel right to pass this up. I'm sorry if you're mad but I just want you to understand. I'm telling you this now instead of letting you down and hurting you."

She couldn't look at me. "Just talk to me after your day. I understand." She gave me a kiss and walked out of the house without saying anything else. I just wanted to hit my head off of my wall at this point.


I woke up with the sun shinning through the curtains. I looked to my side and remembered everything from last night. Sidney had his one arm around me and felt me move, so he pulled me closer. I couldn't tell if he was awake yet or still sleeping. "Good morning," his deep voice said softly in my ear.

"Morning, Sid," I turned to face him and grinned. It was a Sunday, which I had off. My two weekend days were Sunday and Monday.

"Want breakfast?" he asked with a hand on my hip.

"What time is it?" I yawned.

Sid looked over me to check the clock. "Almost eight."

I hated being so used to waking up early. "Can we go out for breakfast," I grinned, knowing I probably wasn't as attractive as he was making me feel. I didn't even have the chance to wash my makeup off of my face.

"Eat'n Park?" he questioned with a huge smile. "I hate cooking."

"Prefect! I love their muffins." I then remembered I didn't even have clothes on and I wasn't going to dare to wear the same outfit from last night to breakfast. "Uh, could you do me a favor?" I grinned.

"Hmh?" he hummed with an eyebrow lifted.

"Get a pair of yoga pants from my car? They're in my backseat. They're the only pair. And there's a plain black shirt, too."

"Sure, do you need a hoodie? It's gonna be cold today." He stood up and I just took in the sight of his amazing sculpted body. I just nodded and he put his boxers on to leave the room.

"Feel free to get ready. There's the bathroom," he point across the room. I went in to the backroom and took a fast shower as he left. I brought my purse with me to do light makeup and pulled my hair on top of my head. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Sidney freshly showered with a shirt on. "You had like six pairs of pants in there and about eight pairs of shoes!" he said, a little in shock.

"And you used to carry dress suits in your car, so I don't wanna hear shit, Crosby," I said snatching my pants from him. I grabbed the hoodie on his bed and changed in the bathroom. I felt like with his shirt off and me still naked, breakfast might not happen. I knew I was disappointing his wondering eyes. I brushed my teeth with a travel brush I kept with me and was ready to head out. I walked out and saw Sidney in jeans, running shoes, and a long sleeve shirt. "Ready?" I asked standing in front of him.

"Yup," he said standing up and planting a kiss on my lips.

I knew I was smiling like a fool. I walked down the steps with him following me.

"Damn, that ass is not the same as four years ago," he said as I got to the bottom and realized he was checking me out.

"Sidney!" I said pretending to hit him. "You pig!"

"Hey! Now I have competition! That's all," he joked, opening up the door for me.

"I'm sure!"

He drove me the closest Eat'n Park and we pretty much went right to work. I forgot how weird it was to be with him in public. So many eyes were on us and whispering. A few times a kid would go to the buffet to talk to him. It took a little longer than usual to eat. I felt bad I drug him out.

We finally finished and got to the car. "I'm sorry, I forgot how annoying it is for you to eat out."

He shrugged it off. "Don't be. It's my life. You're the one that needs to be okay with it."

"True." I stared out of the window, realizing how tired I still was. "It's an ugly day," I said with my head against the window.

He turned onto his street and nodded, "Yeah, I hope winter isn't too bad. It just makes this lockout even longer. I just hope we have a season this year."

"I wouldn't look at it so negative. Take some time to visit family and take a trip! You ever go anywhere nice?" I asked as we arrived at his home.

"Eh," he sat there and pondered. "Nothing that didn't involved a hockey trip."

"That's your issue, dear," I said helping myself out of the car. We headed towards the door. "You need to go away and see the world!"

"Maybe if I had a good looking girl to take, I would consider. Although the one I have in mind has a career now!" I blushed. "Honestly, I'm so proud of you Raina. You turned yourself around. It's like you're a totally different person sometimes, but I still see the old you. You still draw me to you."

We were in front of his living room now and I just stood there with my arms crossed, biting my lip. "Thanks, Sid. Same can be said to you." I smiled and gave him a small kiss. "But really, I have two whole vacation weeks I can take and we and go somewhere! Maybe just for a few days. I wanted to save a week for after Christmas."

"Let's see what happens," he said sitting down on the couch. I kinda felt stupid thinking so far ahead. I needed to just relax and let things happen.


We laid on the couch with our full bellies and we doze off here and there watching TV. I woke up around 12 and saw Sid's side of the couch empty. I could hear his voice in the kitchen and I followed it. He was on the phone and I started to walk back until something caught my attention.

"Listen, Em, I'm sorry but today isn't good. I have a headache. Maybe tomorrow or something... Don't get mad... Okay, I'll see you then."

I hurried to the couch to pretend I just woke up. He didn't come in right away. I was starting to wonder. I couldn't get mad. We didn't ask if we were seeing anyone and it has been a long time. I just up and left him. No need to stop the world for a girl who didn't stick around long enough to try to work things out, but we needed to grow up first. I just tried to justify myself.

Sid walked in the room and gave me a half smile, "How was your nap?"

I felt kinda sick at that point. "Good, but I think I'm gonna head home. I need to do somethings around the place with my day off so I can enjoy tomorrow."

He sighed and put his hands in his pockets. "Well," he paused for a second, "want to hang out tomorrow? We can go to the city and do tourist things? I don't really get to see much and it might be nice for us."

It made that sick feeling go away. "Sure!" I stood up and grabbed my belongings I set by the door. "Just text me later with what time and all that."

"I gladly will," he said opening the door and kissing my cheek. "See ya, Raina."

"Bye, Sid." The drive home was bitter sweet. Who was Em and why didn't Sidney want to see her today? What if she comes by after I leave? If he didn't want me around, he wouldn't of invited me out tomorrow, right?